Privacy policy

You privacy protection is an important factor to us. This notice explains what information is collected and how it is used by us.

Information collection and usage

During signing up we ask for some personal information, like full name, contact info and email address, for the sole purpose of being able to identify and contact you. You can see what information we collect, in detail, by visiting our sign-up form. We do not share this information to anyone except for the organizers of conferences of which you use services (like registration or abstract submission e.t.c.), or under legal issues.


Organizers are granted the permission to contact you solely for informational reasons and regarding only the conferences you are related to (as a participant, author, reviewer etc.).

We may contact you through email, if you agreed to receive our newsletter, to inform you of news concerning running or upcoming conferences and services we offer.

We may also contact you, whether you subscribed to our newsletter or not, for important matters such as site updates or technical problems.

Online payments

Credit card transactions are not processed by our site. Instead, online payments are performed by redirecting you to partner sites like banks or services like paypal where you pay for used services. Then our system gets informed of the transactions by the bank or paypal. Those external sites are responsible for the safety of your sensitive information.

We do not collect and we do not have access to your sensitive information, like credit card data, hence we are not responsible for their safety.


A cookie is a short piece of data which may be saved on your computer whenever you visit a website. It helps to identify the user when revisiting the site or for recognition of a connected user. It is not an executable program and can not do any harm to your computer or reveal sensitive information.

This website uses cookies to identify connected members and to offer you a better navigation experience like, for instance, to maintain your personal preferences of website's presentation options. For the above reasons, it is recommended that you do not turn off cookies acceptance.

Terms application

This privacy policy is universal to our website and applies to all hosted conferences. We reserve the right to ammend these privacy policy terms, without prior notice, always aiming at safeguarding your personal privacy. Every future update of these terms, cancels any previous ones.